New Reservation Calendar

You have the ability to activate all the new calendar features for your ThinkReservations account today! To activate, go to Settings -> Reservation Calendar -> Enable the new booking calendar -> Save.

We will officially deprecate the current reservation calendar on March 7, 2018. On that date, only the new calendar will be available to ThinkReservations customers. To learn more about the new calendar features and how they will help you better manage your business, continue reading below.

More Information, Less Clutter with an Improved User Interface

Our new calendar has a cleaner look and feel with customized views that meet the needs of your property.

newly released ThinkReservations calendar view

Reservation Changes at Your Fingertips with Drag and Drop Functionality

Quickly move a reservation to a different room or day. Built-in safeguards help prevent drag and drop mistakes, pricing errors, and double-bookings.

reservation calendar highlighting drag and drop feature displaying blue border indicating dates where reservation will be moved
reservation calendar highlighting drag and drop feature displaying reservation moved from original dates

Stop Booking Mistakes by Confirming Restriction Overrides

With phone reservations, get a warning when you are about to break any of your booking restrictions but enjoy the option to override too.

reservation calendar pop-up alerting user to confirm overriding minimum night restriction

Customize Your Calendar

Use the View button at the top to show/hide icons, rates, and restrictions.

reservation calendar View drop-down menu

Get More Information at a Glance with Reservation Icons

Show the information that matters for how you operate your business. Icons can be configured by going to Settings -> Reservation Calendar.

reservation calendar display settings page allowing business to choose status and source icons

Quickly Focus on Open Rooms with Sort by Availability

Select calendar dates with click-and-drag to bring the rooms with availability to the top.

reservation calendar displaying blue border around selected dates indicating Sort by Availability is in use

Control Which Reservations Can and Cannot Be Moved

Use the "Do Not Move" feature to prevent a booking from being adjusted using Drag and Drop. Open the reservation, click on the down arrow next to the Check In/Out button, and select Edit. You can now mark the booking as "Do Not Move".

reservation calendar displaying pin icon indicating reservation is marked Do Not Move

Keep Your Staff Informed with Calendar Notes

Customize your internal reservation calendar by adding details about special events, holidays and other information. Configure your Calendar Notes by going to Settings -> Calendar Notes.

settings page for creating and viewing all calendar notes with table indicating title, start/end dates and notes

Customize Your View with Calendar Zoom

Use your browser to control the zoom view of the Reservation Calendar while keeping everything perfectly aligned.

browser View menu drop-down highlighting Zoom In option

List Rooms in the Order that Makes Sense for Your Staff with Room Sort

Configure room order on your own by going to Settings -> Reservation Calendar.

room sort order settings showing list of room names and with the up and down buttons

We look forward to helping you discover new ways to grow your business!

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