How To Improve Guest Services In Your Hotel or Bed & Breakfast

As a small hotel operator that appeals to a niche client base, impressing each guest is likely your highest priority. However, you may not realize that the experience that one guest enjoys — and the impression that she or he forms about your hotel — can have a significant impact on your ability to attract future guests.

One happy guest could be compelled not only to book with you again, but also to refer your hotel to friends and family members, resulting in dozens of additional bookings. One unsatisfied traveler, however, can leave a scathing review that prevents hundreds of travelers from booking with you in the future.

As you investigate how to improve the guest experience in your hotel or inn, you will want to focus on convenience, comfort, technology, experiences, and entertainment. Here’s what you need to know:

a woman greeting two male guests as they enter a hotel lobby with article title text overlay: How to Improve Guest Services at Your Property

Offer Convenience at Every Opportunity

Often, guests who are considering a stay at your hotel are looking to escape the realities of their daily lives — they are looking to indulge in an experience that will be convenient and enjoyable. You can improve the convenience factor at your hotel by:

  • Connecting with your guests prior to their stay and providing all the information that they will need to make the most out of their time at your destination.

  • Collecting details about their preferences and reason for their stay. Are there things you can share or provide outside the norm that take things to the next level without causing much burden on your end?

  • Improving guest communication and using a variety of channels to stay in touch with your guests throughout their entire visit. From pre-arrival emails to concierge service via texting, you can make it incredibly easy to stay in touch with your guests and provide the best possible service during their stay.

man and woman sitting on a couch looking at a laptop smiling with quote below: Offering top-tier convenience means communicating before, during, and after their stay so you know how to meet the unique needs of your ideal guests.

Prioritize Comfort to Improve the Guest Experience

As you search for how to improve guest services at your hotel lodging property, you will want to focus heavily on comfort. Your guests want to feel relaxed and pampered during their stay, regardless of whether its for business or fun, so make that a high priority. You can add touches of comfort to your boutique hotel or bed & breakfast by:

  • Investing in high-quality linens and amenities. You might not realize the impact these things can have on your guests until you’ve got them. You’ll know when they start asking what types of mattresses you have or where you purchased the towels and robes.

    Even better is being able to offer them for sale. The memory of their stay will be with them every day!

  • Have snacks and beverages easily accessible throughout the day. You want to create a feeling of the comforts of home, only better. Make it possible for guests to stay on site all day and have everything they need.

  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in your lobby. Make it clear where guests need to go to check-in, ask questions, access on-site amenities, etc. Add blankets, board games, and books in common areas, so that guests can enjoy these spaces at their leisure.

brightly colored bedroom with a lot of blankets and pillows with text to the right: You can prioritize comfort while still keep the overal aesthetic of your property. Look for vendors that offer a variety of materials and colors, so you easily mix and match.

Integrate the Latest Technology Into Your Property

Modern travelers are becoming increasingly accustomed to having the latest technology at their disposal. Not only are your guests going to expect to book directly on your website through your online booking system, but they are also going to want to have access to the best possible technology in your hotel. Some amenities that you may want to consider adding to your hotel include:

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi connections

  • Bluetooth speakers in the rooms

  • Smart speakers or voice-controlled assistant devices

  • Smart TVs in all guest rooms, as well as access to popular streaming services

woman standing hunched over with her cell phone plugged into a wall outlet with text to the left: Make sure you're not only offering the technology your guests need and want, but that it's easy for them to charge their own devices. No one should ever have to stand awkwardly next to a wall to use their phone.

Beyond all of that, make sure you have easily accessible outlets and charging ports. You should be able to clearly see them and have them available in areas that make sense for your guests. This includes on either side of the bed, near desks and tables, and close to seating areas. If you notice the furniture is always askew, it’s a sign that people are rearranging things to find outlets.

Personalize the Guest Experience

You have likely identified your target market segment for your hotel, but that doesn't mean that all your guests are the same. If you are wondering how to convince a guest to stay in your hotel, then you should concentrate on personalizing the experience for each person. The best ways to provide a customized experience at your hotel include:

  • Hiring dedicated staff members who start every day with a smile. Your employees should take the time to greet each guest by name and learn about the person so that they can provide the best possible experience.

  • Offering welcome baskets and celebration add-ons. For example, if you know a guest is celebrating a birthday, you could give a small gift upon check-in. And don't miss the opportunity to offer convenience and increase revenue by having higher-value versions of these types of items available for purchase.

  • Keeping detailed guest records. Ask questions about guest preferences and reasons for traveling during the booking process. Have your staff add notes about guests throughout the stay and at check-out. Make sure these are available right within your property management system, so people feel remembered, welcomed, and appreciated every time they interact with your team.

a small gift box with black and white striped wrapping paper and a silver bow, with text below: Offering personalization can boost not just your guest experience, but also your bottom line. For the extra special occasion, sell higher-value items and packages before and during the stay.

Add Value Through Unique Entertainment Options

Your hotel can be more than just a place for your guests to sleep. It can be a one-stop-shop for all their entertainment needs. Some entertainment options that you may want to consider include:

  • Hosting local musicians in your lobby for happy hour events

  • Cooking demonstrations or classes with your kitchen staff

  • Wine or beer tastings with a local sommelier or brew master

  • Game nights or movie nights

  • Nature walks or trail hikes

Including the local touch with any of these types of events is definitely an added bonus. Think not only about making the experience unique to your area, but also the potential cross-promotional opportunities, and the ability to add a few more tourism dollars to your city’s economy.

Create a Memorable First Impression

Whether you operate an intimate, beachside bed and breakfast, or you are managing a chic boutique hotel in the heart of the city, you will need to brainstorm ideas to wow hotel guests at your property. By constantly improving the guest experience and coming up with new offerings, you will encourage guests to keep returning to your hotel while also motivating new guests to book with you.

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