Richard Aday
Founder, CEO & Principal Engineer
Richard is an Electrical and Computer Engineer with experience from companies such as Amazon.com, Microsoft, and IBM. After working with thousands of lodging establishments, his experience allows him to provide a fresh perspective on processes currently being used in the industry and how to take them to the next level.
Alfred Aday
Founder, CTO & Principal Engineer
Alfred brings extensive technical experience as an Electrical and Computer Engineer who has worked at companies like Amazon.com, IBM, and Lockheed Martin. His ability to design and implement complex systems across a team allows ThinkReservations the ability to respond quickly to industry demands.
Technical Team
Atish Kalyan
Principal Engineer
Atish received a degree in computer science from The Georgia Institute of Technology. A job offer from Amazon.com brought Atish to Seattle where he spent 9 years developing Amazon's fulfillment center software, integrating Amazon and Zappos systems, overseeing the deployment of the Kiva Robotics system, and innovating on the Amazon Prime Air team. Post-Amazon, Atish has worked at start-ups and is excited to be working at ThinkReservations.
Blaque Mackintosh
Principal Designer
Blaque got his start in software experience design in 1994, architecting some of the earliest networked applications on the Internet. Blaque has nearly 30 years of experience in the field, holding design leadership positions at Sapient, Amazon.com, IBM, General Electric. He specializes in collaborative productivity software, thinking the big thoughts and polishing the fine details of user experience. His fields of expertise include interaction design, ethnographic research, usability analysis, and visual and graphic design.
Sales Team
E. Scot Fuller-Beatty
Director of Sales & Education
Scot regularly works with properties considering the upgrade to ThinkReservations and presents at a variety of conferences to educate people on ways to fully utilize their PMS to make their businesses more profitable and efficient, and tackle emerging trends. Scot has owned The Chadwick Bed & Breakfast in Portland, Maine since 2011.
Laura McDowell
Senior Account Manager
With a degree in hospitality management and range of experiences working with both lodging properties and restaurants, Laura has a passion for the industry. She loves finding ways to creatively educate people on all that ThinkReservations has to offer through marketing, product demos, and educational webinars.
Sharon Elswick
Account Manager
With a background in marketing, sales and inn ownership, Sharon enjoys discussions with prospective clients on how to take their business to the next level with ThinkReservations. Sharon has owned her inn in Central Virginia since 2006.
Operations Team
Sean Rolsen
Director of Operations
Sean Rolsen grew up in the lodging industry. Over a span of almost 20 years Sean has performed every job conceivable at the Inn and restaurant from property management to concierge services. At ThinkReservations, Sean leads the Operations Team and uses his passion and knowledge to help "Thinkers" grow their business.
Dannah Moore
Senior Account Manager
As a former Innkeeper in Virginia, Dannah brings lots of experience to her role with ThinkReservations. With this expertise, she works directly with customers to help make their businesses more successful. In addition, she has created several instructional webinars presented by ThinkReservations for the lodging industry.
Kevin Heinrich
Account Manager
Kevin provides account management and design services to ThinkReservations' client base. He is passionate about delivering effective top tier level support to clients. For the past 12 years, Kevin has specialized in technical consultation and design services for hospitality businesses in New England and beyond.
Ilsa Gruber
Account Manager
Ilsa formerly worked as a Front Office Manager at the Statler Hotel while attending Cornell Hotel School. She loves using her technical education combined with practical skills from the hotel to train and assist ThinkReservations clients. Ilsa also manages ThinkOrganizations, where she helps associations bring more business to their members.
Brad Ambrose
Account Manager
Brad is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration and has years of experience in the hospitality industry. In addition to his role as an account manager at ThinkReservations, he is involved in the tech side of things, creating small web applications to assist and expedite company operations.
Ray Rosset
Account Manager
Ray works directly with our customers to help them understand how they can reach their goals using ThinkReservations. As former owner/innkeeper of Lookout Point Lakeside Inn for 14 years, Ray adds a wealth of real-world experience to our team. He is a Chartered Accountant (Canada) with many years of corporate accounting and finance roles in major retail organizations.
Laura Scheidegger
Account Manager
Laura brings 20+ years of hospitality knowledge to the ThinkReservations team as an Account Manager. Her diverse background in hospitality and travel allows her the opportunity to ensure our properties get the best assistance when calling support or when they are going through the launch training process.
Shena Hesselbein
Account Manager
After getting her degree in hospitality and tourism management at Florida International University, then working as an innkeeper for several years at her family's Pennsylvania bed and breakfast, Shena brings both passion and experience to her role as an Account Manager. In addition to assisting properties with support and setups, she also works closely with the tech, billing, and OTA teams.
Abigail Reed
Account Manager
Abbie graduated from Franklin & Marshall College and began working at her parents' bed and breakfast. At the inn, she helped out with everything from marketing to customer service and learned quite a bit about ThinkReservations as an end-user. She developed a deep passion for helping people, and joining the team seemed like the perfect choice for her.
Adam Strickland
Account Manager
Adam's past experiences include managing a lodging property and providing support for both RezOvation and Webervations. Adam has a lot of experience in the lodging industry and uses his valuable knowledge to help properties solve problems and learn how to improve their businesses.
Andrew Martin
Account Manager
Andy has worked in lodging software since 2005 supporting both RezOvation and Webervations prior to joining ThinkReservations. He utilizes a wealth of knowledge about lodging software and industry trends to assist customers in using ThinkReservations to manage their business and to resolve any issues that may arise.
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