Management System

Reservation Calendar

The calendar offers a view of all reservations at a glance. Our color scheme makes it easy to know which reservations have a credit card on file, a deposit received, or are paid in full. Markers on a reservation indicate whether a reservation is checked in or checked out. The reservation calendar allows you to drag and select multiple days across multiple rooms in order to create a new reservation with one click.

Support for Multiple Rates

It is important for your booking engine to support any type of pricing strategy you would like to offer to customers. With ThinkReservation's Rate Management tool you will be able to build and support any type of rate structure. For example, you can offer various rates such as a Best Available Rate, a One Night Rate that is $25 more expensive per night, a Military Rate that comes at a 10% discount, and a Holiday discount that is only applicable with a certain coupon code. This allows you various opportunities to attract customers and increase revenue.

Rate Restrictions

You can enable restrictions that enforce when a specific rate should be offered. ThinkReservations allows businesses to set restrictions based on minimum nights, maximum nights, closed on arrival, and closed on departure. The most common restriction utilized, minimum nights, enforces the number of nights a customer must stay in order to book a room for that rate.

Automatic Minimum Night Adjustments

ThinkReservations automatically adjusts minimum nights when minimums are impossible to meet. For instance, if Friday has a two night minimum but Saturday and Thursday are booked, the system will automatically change the two night minimum on Friday to a one night minimum. If the reservation on Saturday cancels, the system automatically changes the one night minimum on Friday back to a two night minimum.

Full Report Suite

ThinkReservations offers a full report suite that includes over 25 different reports about your business. The reports provide you with information regarding reservations, point of sales, revenue, payments, and taxes. You will always have the data you need to make smarter business decisions!

Automatic Emails

Save yourself time by automatically sending emails to your guests. Confirmation emails are automatically sent when guests make a reservation for your property. The system can also automatically send the guest a Reminder Email a few days before their stay and a Follow Up Email a few days after their stay. This will make sure your customers always have a first class experience.

Functional Across All Mobile Devices

Interested in using an iPad or other tablet to manage your front desk? ThinkReservations can be used on a desktop and on all mobile devices with full functionality.