Channel Management

Direct Connectivity with TripAdvisor

ThinkReservations is a certified partner with TripAdvisor and has established a direct connection. Take advantage of TripAdvisor's Cost-Per-Click campaigns to drive incremental bookings to your website. Utilize our integrated Revenue Tracking to measure how effective this campaign is. Opt into TripAdvisor's Review Express to have a fast, free, and automatic way to get valuable traveler reviews on TripAdvisor.

Direct Connectivity with and Expedia

ThinkReservations directly connects with and Expedia. The system automatically synchronizes rate and availability information with those channels so that you don't have to. Reservations created through or Expedia will instantly show up on ThinkReservations without your involvement. This eliminates double bookings, saves you significant time, and helps you book more rooms!

Direct Connectivity with

Take advantage of the Online Reservations program that allows guests to book directly on the website. This direct connection will automatically synchronize your latest rates and availability!

Direct Connectivity with Airbnb

Airbnb has partnered with ThinkReservations to make it easier for businesses to manage their listings on Airbnb. Use the two-way direct connection to Airbnb to automatically synchronize reservations, rates, restrictions, and availability.