Booking Engine

Personalized Booking Engine

The booking engine is styled by our professionals in order to look exactly like your website. This allows customers to have a seamless transition when going from your website to the booking engine, increasing customer trust and conversion rates for your business.

Mobile Booking Engine

The mobile booking engine gives customers a professional experience when booking a room through their mobile phones. With big pictures and a simple, but functional, design -- our mobile booking engine will engage your customers experience and increase bookings.

Availability Calendar

You can customize your booking engine to include an availability calendar that will show which rooms are available for the dates the customer is searching. This functionality is useful for customers because it allows them to easily see the property's occupancy across all rooms when creating a reservation.

Customers Can Book Multiple Rooms

The booking engine allows customers to book multiple rooms in one reservation. Instead of having customers type their information multiple times (once per room), our booking engine simplifies the process allowing them to enter their information once to create a reservation for multiple rooms.

Upsell Packages

Leverage the ability of packages to increase revenue for your business. Packages are an opportunity for a customer to choose a room with certain extras included. For example, a "Lovers Package" allows the customer to purchase extra services such as flowers or chocolates in the room. The fact that is bundled as a Package and not itemized is an opportunity for the business to include the service fee involved in bundling the package. Businesses find that this feature consistently allows them to increase revenue and that guests enjoy the perks!

Upsell Additional Items

Allow your customers the benefit of deciding if they are interested in purchasing any additional items before they complete their reservation. Our Booking Engine will allow customers to choose additional items once they have picked their room. In addition, for customers who book multiple rooms, we keep track of the items they want in each room in order to improve their customer experience!

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to make more sales and increase customer loyalty. ThinkReservations makes it easy to manage and sell gift certificates. Guests can directly purchase gift certificates from your website at any time. In addition, we automatically keep track of gift certificates and remaining balances.